Disruptions of special education services from the COVID-19 pandemic paired with the inflow of supplemental IDEA funds have challenged LEAs to spend down funds. When LEAs do not spend all of their Part B subgrants, SEAs may reallocate the unused funds to other LEAs or add to their state set-aside.

During the webinar, CIFR staff reviewed federal regulations on IDEA reallocations and highlighted notable compliance considerations. Presenters described how SEAs can proactively develop, revise, and implement reallocation procedures to lower the risk of needing to return unused LEA subgrants to the federal government.

This session was similar to the IDEA Fiscal Forum (IFF) session “Navigating the Reallocation of Unspent LEA Subgrants.” CIFR offered this webinar for state staff who missed that session or who wanted to review the content again and discuss procedures with peers.