Version 2.0 of the Local Educational Agency (LEA) Maintenance of Effort MOE Calculator calculates LEA MOE for up to 10 fiscal years. Improvements to version 2.0 include

  • Flexible years, covering any 10-year period selected by the SEA or LEA
  • A new summary tab for each fiscal year, displaying results for both the eligibility and compliance standards simultaneously
  • Decreased burden for entry of historical data

Download the calculator at

Comprehensive instructions accompany the LEA MOE Calculator 2.0, including a checklist to help users enter data in the tool in a logical order. A one page Instructions At a Glance is also available.

The new version was created to improve performance and user experience. Current users of the LEA MOE Calculator may choose to continue using version 1.4, but CIFR recommends switching to the new LEA MOE Calculator 2.0. CIFR will continue to support version 1.4.

When downloading the LEA MOE Calculator 2.0, we strongly encourage you to register your calculator with CIFR to receive important alerts and supporting information.