Anne Louise Thompson, PhD, is a Senior Program Associate at WestEd, bringing expertise to CIFR in special education, fiscal management, leadership, educational systems change, policy implementation, and program evaluation. Currently, Dr. Thompson is also a state TA facilitator and content specialist with the National Center for Systemic Improvement (NCSI). Previously, she served with CIFR as a content specialist and with NCSI’s Fiscal Support Team.

Dr. Thompson served as Connecticut’s state director of special education, working for 15 years at the state level. She was a director of special education, district coordinator of preschool services, and director of Title I services in Connecticut; special education teacher in Connecticut and Virginia; and adjunct university faculty in the US and the Netherlands. Along with national and international presentations on fiscal, leadership, and other educational topics in special education, she has multiple publications. Thompson was the 2008 LRP Publications® JoLeta Reynolds Service to Special Education Award recipient for her impact on the quality of special education services through leadership, instruction, special projects, innovation, management, program design, and/or improvement.